social requirement or small business as usual?

Right before attempting to offer a reaction to the concern posed about what could be a probable digitalisation agenda to ensure the Human Proper to education and learning, and to enter into the particular issue of the partnership amongst electronic technologies and instruction, it is needed to define the coordinates of the composition that subsumes this connection.

By Javier Tolcachier

The identify of this construction is regarded to every person and every thing, whilst the eyesight of the forest is frequently missing by detailing its trees, plants or fauna. It is termed capitalism. Or to fit this era, its by-product, financialised capitalism.

The only logic of funds, its Aristotelian entelechy (energetic function towards the accomplishment of an conclusion, intrinsic to the matter itself), is profit and accumulation.

Hence, the complete attainment of the Human Right to instruction, like any other universal right and hence not matter to alienation or appropriation, is in its essence incompatible with the capitalist program.

In the phrases of the thinker Silo: “Human rights do not have the universal validity that would be desirable because they do not count on the universal electrical power of the human becoming, but on the electric power of a element about the whole”[1].

Hence, the demand for Human Rights in normal and for the Human Appropriate to training in particular, acquires that means if its vindication incorporates conquering the technique alone, that is, the sort of social organisation and values that reduce its complete efficiency.

On the other hand, instruction plays an critical job if it helps to unveil and explain the require to shift to a far more dignified section of human heritage.

The procedure of capitalist accumulation

The speculative process of cash led to the accumulation of huge sums, which by its really logic wanted to be invested.

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