Can Artificial Intelligence Help Human Mental Health?

UC Berkeley College of General public Health Professor Jodi Halpern has used years functioning on the ethics of progressive technologies like gene modifying and synthetic intelligence. But these days Halpern, a psychiatrist, has been focusing on the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in psychological health.

In the previous couple of yrs, dozens of organizations in well being treatment and technology have introduced apps which they claim can assist in diagnosing mental health and fitness conditions and complement—or even replace—individual therapy.

They array from applications that purport to aid clients monitor and control their moods, to courses that supply social assist and scientific treatment. At a time when there’s a nationwide scarcity of therapists, can AI fill the hole?


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Dr. Halpern is co-chief of Berkeley Team for the Ethics and Regulation of Impressive Technologies (BERGIT), and the co-founder of the Kavli Middle for Ethics, Science and the Public, a multidisciplinary group which seeks to offer a democratic framework for comprehending the ethical implications of science and know-how. We questioned Dr. Halpern to walk us as a result of the pros and negatives of applying AI to deliver psychological health care.

Berkeley Community Wellbeing: How would you describe synthetic intelligence to someone coming out of a 20-yr coma?

Jodi Halpern: You could say it makes use of statistical and other types to make pattern recognition courses that are novel but can simulate human conduct, selections, judgments, and so on.

The artificial intelligence reasoning processes are not the identical as what individuals do, but as we see with huge language types, can simulate human actions.

BPH: Why is there so substantially exhilaration about using AI in psychological wellbeing?

JH: The enjoyment is partly since we’re in

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This video was recorded on July 12, 2023.

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