Artificial intelligence is making it hard to tell truth from fiction

Artificial intelligence is making it hard to tell truth from fiction

Taylor Swift has scores of newsworthy achievements, from dozens of music awards to several world records. But last January, the mega-star made headlines for something much worse and completely outside her control. She was a target of online abuse.

Someone had used artificial intelligence, or AI, to create fake nude images of Swift. These pictures flooded social media. Her fans quickly responded with calls to #ProtectTaylorSwift. But many people still saw the fake pictures.

That attack is just one example of the broad array of bogus media — including audio and visuals — that non-experts can now make easily with AI. Celebrities aren’t the only victims of such heinous attacks. Last year, for example, male classmates spread fake sexual images of girls at a New Jersey high school.

AI-made pictures, audio clips or videos that masquerade as those of real people are known as deepfakes. This type of content has been used to put words in politicians’ mouths. In January, robocalls sent out a deepfake recording of President Joe Biden’s voice. It asked people not to vote in New Hampshire’s primary election. And a deepfake video of Moldovan President Maia Sandu last December seemed to support a pro-Russian political party leader.

AI has also produced false information about science and health. In late 2023, an Australian group fighting wind energy claimed there was research showing that newly proposed wind turbines could kill 400 whales a year. They pointed to a study seemingly published in Marine Policy. But an editor of that journal said the study didn’t exist. Apparently, someone used AI to mock up a fake article that falsely appeared to come from the journal.

Many people have used AI to lie. But AI can also misinform by accident. One research team posed questions about voting to

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Biden administration making $3 billion financial investment in lithium ion battery output

Biden administration making  billion financial investment in lithium ion battery output

“To assist make electric cars get the job done, we have to have also to raise the creation of lithium ion batteries and we have to have liable and sustainable domestic sourcing of the critical components applied to make lithium ion batteries this kind of as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and graphite,” infrastructure implementation coordinator and senior Biden adviser Mitch Landrieu instructed reporters.

Landrieu included, “The bipartisan infrastructure law directs additional than $7 billion to reinforce the US battery offer chain that will enable us steer clear of disruptions, reduced the price tag and accelerate battery production in The united states to meet this demand from customers. So nowadays, the Division of Strength is asserting $3.16 billion to assistance battery manufacturing, processing, and recycling funded by the bipartisan infrastructure regulation.”

Biden earlier set a purpose of getting electrical automobiles make up over fifty percent of all motor vehicle sales by 2030. The infrastructure regulation also contains $7.5 billion for electrical automobile chargers, $5 billion for electric transit buses, $5 billion for clean up and electric powered college buses.

The funding will support protected the battery offer chain and develop capacity, National Financial Council Director Brian Deese said, and will also make improvements to US opposition. But it also has national security implications amid the broader challenges of power stability and independence brought to mild all through the war in Ukraine above the earlier two months.

“We have viewed even in just latest days, (President Vladimir) Putin trying to use Russia’s vitality provide as a weapon versus other nations. And that underscores why it is really so significant that we in the United States re-invest and re-underwrite our own vitality stability and building a dependable conclude-to-conclude supply chain for batteries and storage and electric powered motor vehicle production is amongst the most

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