I’m Losing Money on Investments. How Can My Advisor Let This Happen?

Susannah Snider, CFP

I’m constantly losing money on stock and cryptocurrency investments. And I paid for the advice that has given me the information that I’ve used to do this. For example, I was told to buy a specific stock and lost money the whole time when I invested in it. What can I do?

I can hear your frustration oozing through this question. And I get it. After all, what’s the point of paying for financial advice if you’re not going to make money on the guidance you receive?

But before you fire your financial advisor (and you may want to after reading this), it’s important to review reasonable expectations about what a financial advisor can guarantee, how to avoid scams and bad actors and what to expect when it comes to market losses and gains.

financial advisor may help you understand the pros and cons of certain investment decisions.

What Professional Financial Advice Can Do for You

Make sure to find a fiduciary financial advisor.

Make sure to find a fiduciary financial advisor.

It’s important to note that no financial advisor can predict the markets. Sure, advisors can use charts and historical models to make educated guesses. But you should view most claims of guaranteed investment returns with a healthy dose of skepticism. Individual stocks and cryptocurrencies both come with a great deal of risk, no matter who’s telling you to buy them.

Instead, what an excellent holistic advisor can do is help you formulate a financial plan that weathers market downturns and tamps down on exposure to risky or speculative financial products.

That financial plan may include stocks that do, at times, lose money. It could even include cryptocurrency investments that only comprise a reasonable part of your portfolio (read: money you’re willing to lose). But your funds should be diversified and placed into

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Right here are the 1st economical steps to make right after losing a husband or wife

Tari Lee Sykes and her late partner, Charles Jeremy Sykes.

She imagined they’d have a single extra Xmas alongside one another. Nevertheless a few times right before the holiday, Tari Lee Sykes’s partner, Charles Jeremy Sykes, died soon after battling a scarce lung sickness for yrs. He’d never get to open up the wrapped provides under their glistening tree.

On major of her grief from losing her lover was monetary stress.

“For the initial handful of months, you are just likely via all the paperwork,” claimed Lee Sykes, 65, who teaches aspect-time. “But I didn’t know if there was going to be sufficient to are living on.”

From navigating Social Security added benefits to finding all of a partner’s belongings, new widows are strike with a slew of responsibilities amid their mourning.

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“There is so a great deal to do, and it can be baffling to determine out what you need to do 1st,” explained Natalie Colley, a qualified economic planner and guide advisor at Francis Economic in Manhattan.

“As tempting as it may be to shut down and retreat all through this intense and agonizing time, this instant is essential as selected conclusions about your finances will possibly secure or jeopardize your economic upcoming.”

To start with actions

After the decline of your partner, Colley endorses attempting to get ahold of all his economical documents.

“Checking your spouse’s wallet or submitting cupboards is an outstanding way to generate a listing of credit history cards and debit playing cards,” Colley mentioned. “You will also require to start off collecting copies of statements for lender accounts, credit rating cards,

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