How to Buy Gold: 4 Ways to Invest in 2024

What do Scrooge McDuck and King Midas have in common? Hint: It’s not a well-diversified portfolio. They’re both heavily invested in gold.

Gold is doing well so far in 2024, amid high inflation and rising interest rates. Investors tend to rush into buying gold (and other metals) when they’re concerned about other assets or the broader economy, and the recession fears of 2022-2023 have elevated those worries. You may have read that Costco recently began selling — and selling out of — gold bars.

But while owning gold sounds cool, and can be a hedge during a stock market downturn, figuring out how to buy gold comes with some unique challenges.


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Is gold a good investment?

Gold has a reputation for being a recession-friendly investment — when the stock market has a big pullback, the price of gold often goes

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How to Invest in TIPS: Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities | Investing

Key Takeaways:

  • Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) offer inflation protection, appealing to investors when rising inflation is a concern.
  • Unlike traditional bonds, TIPS adjust principal and interest payments based on consumer price index changes.
  • TIPS may be advantageous for inflation protection, but they historically underperform stocks in the long run.
  • TIPS are generally seen as a wealth protection tool rather than a wealth-building instrument.

A fixed-income investment designed to outpace inflation sounds appealing.

That’s the idea behind Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS), which are Treasury securities with principal and interest payments that are adjusted for inflation.

Many investors are drawn to these bonds in an era of rising inflation. Here’s a look at what TIPS are, and whether they’re a sound investment as inflation remains stubbornly sticky:

Here’s a short rundown of TIPS’ key characteristics.

  • Principal protection. When you buy a TIPS bond, you are guaranteed to receive its full face value at maturity. This means that even if there is deflation, and the consumer price index (CPI) decreases, the principal value of your TIPS bond won’t be reduced.
  • Interest payments. The interest payments on TIPS bonds are adjusted for inflation. The interest rate, also known as the coupon rate, is fixed at issuance, but the interest payments adjust with changes in inflation. As the CPI rises, interest payments increase, giving investors a hedge against inflation.
  • Taxation. Although TIPS bonds protect against inflation, they’re still subject to federal income tax on interest payments and any capital gains. However, investors don’t incur state or local income taxes on interest earned from TIPS.

Unlike traditional bonds, TIPS adjust both principal and interest payments based on changes in the CPI. The idea is that TIPS can help investors maintain purchasing power when prices are

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Black Women Invest Expands Chapters Offers Tips For Beginners

Schelo D. Collier introduced a 13,000-member neighborhood aimed at acquiring Black women to spend.

Satisfy Schelo D. Collier, a visionary leader in finance and genuine estate financial commitment who released a 13,000-member neighborhood aimed at acquiring Black ladies to make investments.

Black Gals Spend is aimed at empowering Black Gals to excel in their fiscal pursuits. Released just after Collier dropped her “dream position,” she embarked on a mission to align women who seem like her and who want to just take the guide in securing their economical long term.

“I was determined to start Black Females Commit immediately after my “dream job” finished abruptly. I was instantly confronted with the realization that my economic properly-getting was truly up to me,” she tells BLACK Business.

“If I ongoing to rely on somebody else to write my checks, then this situation could materialize once again,” she adds. “So, I went on a search to discover like-minded gals who had been also on their expenditure journeys. I wanted a supportive community having said that, the research unveiled a shocking deficiency of committed platforms for Black Females. In its place, I found that much more groups were being focused on saving and budgeting—not investing. Hence, I started out Black Girls Devote to supply Black females with a risk-free location to prosper and study tangible investing procedures collectively.”

With a passion for breaking stigmas all over investing, Collier has witnessed extra gals stick to budgeting rather than using an energetic initiative in investing their money.

“Some of the most important stigmas I hear contain the false impression that you want a ton of income to devote, which is much from the truth of the matter,” she says. “First, women need instruction, and then they have to have

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How To Invest In Stocks: Best Ways For Beginners To Get Started

Investing in shares is a wonderful way to build prosperity by harnessing the electrical power of growing businesses. Having begun can sense daunting for several inexperienced persons searching to get into the inventory current market inspite of the possible prolonged-term gains, but you can start out acquiring inventory in minutes.

So how specifically do you spend in stocks? It’s in fact rather straightforward and you have various approaches to do it. Just one of the simplest techniques is to open an on-line brokerage account and purchase stocks or stock money. If you are not snug with that, you can work with a skilled to regulate your portfolio, often for a sensible charge. Possibly way, you can commit in stocks on the internet and get started with little dollars.

Here’s how to spend in shares and the basics on how to get started in the stock market place even if you do not know that a lot about investing suitable now.

Investing in stocks: 4 quick actions to get begun

So you want to start out investing in stocks? Here’s a 4-stage checklist to help get you heading:

  1. Choose how you want to devote
  2. Open up an investment decision account
  3. Come to a decision what to devote in
  4. Ascertain how considerably you can devote – then buy

1. Select how you want to commit

These times you have quite a few options when it arrives to investing, so you can really match your investing design and style to your expertise and how significantly time and power you want to commit investing. You can commit as considerably or as little time as you want on investing.

Here’s your first major determination position: How will your dollars be managed?

  • A human experienced: This “do-it-for-me” option is a excellent alternative for these who want
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How to invest in TIPS (Treasury inflation-protected securities)

Crucial points

  • Ideas are governing administration bonds indexed to inflation.
  • The principal of Ideas boosts with inflation and decreases with deflation.
  • If you keep Recommendations to maturity, you will get at least the first principal.

Inflation is like the Cookie Monster in your portfolio, consuming a lot more and a lot more and extra. The longer you make investments, the greater the probable affect on your over-all returns. That is specifically correct of mounted-earnings investments, the place the paying for ability of your common fascination premiums declines as inflation climbs.

With inflation reaching its highest stages due to the fact the 1980s in current a long time, numerous investors are trying to get sites to shelter their dollars. 1 this kind of put is in Treasury inflation-guarded securities.

What are Recommendations?

Recommendations are a form of Treasury safety whose principal is modified for inflation.

When inflation as calculated by the consumer price index for all urban consumers increases, the principal raises. Strategies fork out desire each 6 months, which means you get more substantial curiosity payments for the duration of periods of inflation.

The reverse is accurate throughout deflationary durations. The principal decreases as inflation decreases, together with your semiannual interest payment.

At maturity, you generally get back at the very least what you paid. If the principal is equal to or lessen than your original financial investment, you get your primary financial commitment. If the principal is increased than your original expense, you get the higher quantity.

This return of principal is guaranteed only if you keep the Tips to maturity. When Tips can be bought on the secondary market, there is no guarantee you will recoup your authentic expense.

How to devote in Guidelines

Guidelines are accessible with five-, 10- and 30-yr maturities. They can be bought in

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How to Invest in Platinum: Tips & Strategies

Platinum is among the rarest and most expensive precious metals, with an array of applications in fields ranging from automotive, dentistry, jewelry, and electronics. Because of its high value and scarcity, as well as acting as a hedge against inflation, some investors are drawn to the role it can play in portfolio diversification.

When it comes to platinum vs. gold, the former is rarer than the latter. It’s estimated that there are five billion ounces of gold above the ground. By contrast, there are only 200 million ounces of platinum. Additionally, gold is far more abundant in the Earth’s crust, with some 1,500 tons mined annually, whereas only 160 tons of platinum are mined each year.

The majority of platinum is found in five countries, with South Africa having the most reserves by far. Given its scarcity, platinum’s prices can fluctuate based on global supply and demand as well as the state of the economies in the countries where it’s sourced. However, compared to other metals, platinum prices have been less volatile in the recent past. For example, from September 2022 to September 2023, the price of titanium and lithium fell around 43% and 60%, respectively, while platinum gained nearly 2%.

In this guide, we discuss how to invest in platinum, the different types of investment options, factors to consider and various investment strategies.

Table of contents

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Different types of platinum investments

Much like investing in gold and silver, you can choose from a few different platinum investment options. You can purchase platinum bullion, but there are also ways to gain exposure to the precious metal without buying it in its physical form, such as with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or stocks.

Here are some options to consider.

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