Top Real Estate Investing Apps 2024: Reviews, Comparison, and Tips

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Why Use a Real Estate Investing App?

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to avoid the legwork of conducting extensive property research, finding tenants, and regularly maintaining the asset(s), you have several easier alternatives. 

Online investment apps offer convenience and increased accessibility for a wider audience of potential investors to diversify their investment portfolios online without needing to set foot on a property. Real estate investing is also an excellent way to generate passive income from rental properties or earn dividends from real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

Top-Rated Real Estate Investing Apps of 2024

Compare the Best Real Estate Investing Apps

The best real estate investing apps offer low ongoing fees, multiple investment options, user-friendly interfaces, and easily met minimum investment requirements. Real estate crowdfunding platforms make this possible. You can add residential, commercial, and other real estate investments to your portfolio at low costs.

Here is how to invest in real estate with the top real-estate investment apps as picked by Business Insider’s editors in 2024.

Best Real Estate Investing App for Beginners: Fundrise


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Fundrise allows you to invest in commercial real estate projects across the US, Fundrise IPOs, and venture funds.


1% (additional $125 for IRAs)

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