Canada: Competition Bureau seeks comments on the effects of artificial intelligence on competition

In short

The Canadian Levels of competition Bureau (“Bureau“) has introduced a substantial initiative to check out the impacts of artificial intelligence (“AI“) on competitors in Canada. On 20 March 2024, the Bureau released a dialogue paper, entitled “Synthetic intelligence and competitors” (“Dialogue Paper“), and has asked for responses from the community. The Bureau is in search of to much better recognize how AI can have an impact on levels of competition in Canada. It is also trying to get to identify how it can improved get ready to handle possible competitive hurt from AI, and also endorse opposition in AI markets. The outcome of the session could have important implications for the two organizations that develop and all those that use AI systems. Submissions are owing by 4 Might 2024.

AI is affecting several sectors of the economic system and is increasingly getting embraced by Canadian enterprises and Canadian shoppers alike.

Recognizing that it is vital to understand and tackle the implications of AI, the Bureau issued the Discussion Paper with the aim of fostering thoughtful and knowledgeable nationwide dialogue in buy to help the Bureau deepen its knowing of how opposition is developing in AI marketplaces, and how the Bureau can enforce and encourage competition in these marketplaces.

The Dialogue Paper provides an overarching definition for the expression “AI” and clarifies the distinct systems that make up AI (Portion 1). It also describes the a variety of marketplaces that are concerned in the development of an AI merchandise or services (Portion 2), together with marketplaces for AI infrastructure, markets for AI advancement, and markets for AI deployment.

The Dialogue Paper then explores several factors for how AI can influence competition, particularly in the context of the Bureau’s enforcement spots, these

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