Setting up a thriving e-commerce model, the Dubai way

Saygin Yalcin is the Founder and CEO of and, the two headquartered in Dubai.

After finding out business enterprise in Germany, Mexico, and the US, he observed an prospect in the UAE’s e-commerce area and moved to Dubai when he was 24 decades outdated.

“The net penetration premiums have been exploding, individuals were being coming online… nevertheless, they were not transacting as we know it today”, Saygin recollects.

He started off an on the net vogue shop in 2009 named, which obtained obtained by, which was then purchased by Amazon. Even so, he was not information with just a single thriving undertaking in Dubai, he needed to dig further, “I imagine that there are two sorts of entrepreneurs a person that digs out the uncooked diamond and an additional one that can make it into jewelry. I like digging for new organization models”, he instructed Euronews.

When Saygin was making an attempt to promote his automobile on the classifieds, he noticed that the procedure could get months and made the decision to research business enterprise designs developed to handle this situation.

“Building firms does not always mean that you have to be an inventor, you just have to be the ideal implementor of a design which could possibly do the job on the other parts of the world”, Saygin suggests.

And that was precisely what Saygin did when he commenced which offered to buy any seller’s automobile in 30 minutes, for a honest rate.

“ was a stunning good results tale from the initially thirty day period onwards. Our to start with month’s income exceeded 470,000 euros,” states Saygin.

This immediate achievements introduced its own difficulties, as Saygin had to discover a way to address the operating capital the small business essential, to maintain the interval between the time a auto was bought and resold.

“My group users, whilst acquiring a auto, were being now contacting auto sellers to examine how significantly they would obtain that car for. So, I realised they ended up undertaking some type of an auction”, he adds.

The crew took this strategy further and formulated a electronic marketplace exactly where today above 20-five thousand businesses are bidding on a auto introduced to, which is now the biggest used vehicle trader on line in the GCC.

As a serial entrepreneur, Saygin also not long ago introduced which sells made use of vehicles on the internet directly to buyers. “Today only 1% of applied cars and trucks are marketed on-line. We feel that range will be 50% in the subsequent 5 to 10 several years, and which is when we will use our pole position”, he points out.

Believing the eco-method in Dubai noticeably contributed to the accomplishment of his businesses, Saygin is now investing into the achievements of other business people in the city.

“I appreciate looking at businesses grow, so I want to be a part of that as an trader, specifically in the beginning when entrepreneurs are just digging out that uncooked diamond”, he suggests.

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