AI in Israel’s war on Gaza

Recent community discourse on artificial intelligence (AI) has been dominated by doomsday eventualities and sci-fi predictions of state-of-the-art AI techniques escaping human regulate. As a outcome, when individuals discuss about AI warfare, they are inclined to consider of entirely automatic “killer robots” on the free. What Israel’s war on Gaza has unveiled, nevertheless, is that substantially a lot more mundane and not specifically advanced AI surveillance systems are presently becoming utilized to unleash dystopian, tech-driven horrors. 

As the latest media investigations have uncovered, Israeli AI targeting techniques “Lavender” and “The Gospel” are automating mass slaughter and destruction across the Gaza Strip. This is the apotheosis of quite a few AI rights-abusing developments, these types of as biometric surveillance systems and predictive policing resources, that we have earlier warned versus. The AI-increased warfare in Gaza demonstrates the urgent require for governments to ban works by using of technologies that are incompatible with human rights — in situations of peace as very well as war.

Demise from higher than: Gaza as an experimental tech laboratory

Israel’s use of AI in warfare is not new. For a long time, Israel has applied the Gaza Strip as a testing ground for new technologies and weaponry, which it subsequently sells to other states. Its 11-day armed service bombardment of Gaza in Might 2021 was even dubbed by the Israeli Protection Forces (IDF) the “to start with artificial intelligence war.” In the recent assault on Gaza, we have witnessed Israel use three broad classes of AI applications:

  1. Deadly autonomous weapon units (Legislation) and semi-autonomous weapons (semi-Legislation): The Israeli army has pioneered the use of distant-managed quadcopters equipped with equipment guns and missiles to surveil, terrorize, and get rid of civilians sheltering in tents, educational institutions, hospitals, and
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