20 Most Profitable Etsy Businesses And Items

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Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY) is an e-commerce giant that operates with a streamlined workforce. With just 2,790 full-time employees as of its latest public filing, Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY) has created a thriving and prosperous online marketplace, which links almost 94 million active buyers and 7.3 million sellers from all corners of the globe.

According to Building an Etsy Economy, a publication on Etsy sellers, a significant majority of sellers, specifically 76%, view their online shops as legitimate businesses. Moreover, the same publication infers that the majority of Etsy sellers, specifically 86%, are female.

Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY) distinguished itself in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape of the US, dominated by Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY), through its emphasis on the quality and distinctiveness of its products. In addition to this, during its early days, Etsy’s editorial team emphasized showcasing artistic creations rather than those produced commercially.

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) dominates the e-commerce landscape globally with an unparalleled product range, while eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) is a popular online auction and shopping platform known for its competitive pricing and ability to offer unique items. In contrast to Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY), Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ETSY has carved out a niche by specializing in handmade, vintage, and distinctive products, setting itself apart from the competition with its focus on supporting small business owners, artisans, and creators.

One of the key drivers of Etsy’s success is its large and active community of shoppers. Etsy has almost 90 million shoppers worldwide. It is a testament to the forum’s popularity and its sellers’ unconventional offerings. Etsy’s shoppers come from diverse backgrounds and geographies, and the company has been able to build a loyal following of customers who appreciate the handmade, creative, and vintage items available on the online marketplace.

Etsy’s Financial Metrics: A Look at the Numbers

Etsy is a publicly-traded company with a market capitalization of approximately $12.92 billion as of April 2023. This valuation is based on the company’s financial performance and market outlook and reflects the perceived value of Etsy as a business.

Regarding management effectiveness, Etsy has a return on assets (ROA) of 7.52% over the trailing twelve months. This metric measures how efficiently the company uses its assets to generate profits, and a higher ROA indicates better management efficiency.

On the income statement side, Etsy reported revenue of $2.57 billion over the trailing twelve months, with a revenue per share of $20.24. The company generated $20.24 in revenue for every share of Etsy stock over the past year. Etsy has also shown steady revenue growth, growing Year on Year by 12.60%, demonstrating that the company’s sales are growing at a healthy rate.

Over the past twelve months, the company has earned $1.82 billion in gross profit, reflecting the revenue that Etsy has kept after deducting the sold-goods cost. This metric is crucial as it provides insight into the company’s profitability from its operations. Etsy’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) over the trailing twelve months is $448.69 million.

Etsy’s growth estimates provide insight into the company’s expected growth trajectory. For the next quarter, analysts expect a growth rate of 5.90%, which suggests that the company is expected to continue growing at a healthy pace in the near term.

The current year growth estimate is even more impressive, with analysts expecting a growth rate of 150%, suggesting that Etsy expects to experience significant growth in the current year, which is likely due to a combination of factors such as increased e-commerce activity and a shift towards sustainable and handmade goods.

Over the past five years (per annum), Etsy has achieved an impressive annual growth rate of 59.31%, exhibiting the company’s consistent growth at a fast pace, which is a positive sign for investors and stakeholders. This growth has been driven by a combination of factors, including increased demand for handmade and unique goods, the growth of the e-commerce industry, and the company’s ability to attract and retain a loyal customer base.

Overall, Etsy’s financial health portrays that the company is well-positioned for continued success and growth in the future. However, it is vital to keep in mind that these estimates are based on various factors, including market conditions, competition, and other external factors, and may be subject to change. As with any investment, it is imperative to conduct thorough research and analysis before making investment decisions.

20 Most Profitable Etsy Businesses And Items

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To determine the top 20 profitable Etsy businesses and items, we utilized various sources, including Step By Step Business, Forbes, Starter Story, Insider Monkey, Ecommerce Platforms, Stern NYU, TRUIC, and FullRatio to select them based on their average net profit margins. While higher sales can accumulate more profit, we focused solely on profitability per unit for our list. The products/business were ranked in ascending order based on their profitability, with the highest-performing items taking precedence.

20. Paintings

Average Profit Margin: 8.3%

Etsy is a hot spot for purchasing unique paintings, with over 3.4 million listings available for art enthusiasts to browse. The average search and click numbers of 8,131 and 5,754, respectively, demonstrate a humongous interest in buying art on Etsy. The high average CTR of 71% asserts that the listings are optimized and appealing to potential customers. These paintings on Etsy are priced at $14.98 on average, providing a wide range of options for different budgets. Paintings have a net margin of 8.3%, per IBIS World.

19. Toys & Games

Average Profit Margin: 8.7%

As per Statista reports, the toy sector is expected to generate revenue of $19.80 billion as of 2023. Etsy exhibits a diverse range of handmade and independently-made toys, which are enjoyable and contribute to learning and development. From personalized, wooden, sensory, climbing, and traditional to educational and stress-relieving fidget toys, Etsy boasts an extensive range of options for people of all ages.

It is crucial for businesses operating in the toy industry to cater to changing consumer preferences and offer unique and fun toy options. The retail of toys & games have a net margin of 8.7%, according to IBIS World.

18. Books

Average Profit Margin: 10%

Etsy is a treasure trove for book lovers and a library with over 2.5 million listings of unique titles from independent sellers. Books are among the top-selling items on Etsy, and as evident by the staggering average of 13,719 searches and 11,045 clicks, it’s clear that readers are flocking to the site to find unique books. Moreover, an 81% click-through rate (CTR) implies that the listings are well-crafted and optimized to attract potential buyers. Despite the popularity of books on Etsy, the average price of $13.10 provides affordable options for all types of readers.

17. Shoes

Average Profit Margin: 11.17%

In the competitive shoe market, Etsy stands out with its distinguished shoe offerings, which set it apart from other players in the industry. The footwear industry is expected to grow steadily, reaching a market volume of US$135.00 billion by 2023 and continuing its upward trend with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.53% until 2027, resulting in a market volume of US$187.30 billion, as highlighted by Statista’s reports. With an average profit margin of 11.17%, businesses can anticipate promising returns on their investments.

16. Formal Dresses

Average Profit Margin: 13%

With a whopping 2,374,760 listings for dresses on Etsy, the online forum offers an extensive selection for shoppers looking to buy a new formal dress. On average, dresses on Etsy receive 7,726 searches and 4,558 clicks, resulting in an impressive 59% CTR. Furthermore, the average price of a dress on Etsy is $34.95, making it an affordable option for shoppers who are budget-conscious. The apparel retail has a net margin of 13%, per Forbes. 

15. Home Decor

Average Profit Margin: 20%

As more people have been spending time at home due to the pandemic, the desire for aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living spaces has increased. Etsy is a favored hub for distinct and customized home decor items, encompassing an array of decorative articles such as wall art, dorm decor, cushions, and more.

Market Watch reports that in 2022, the global home decor market had a value of $860,175.14 million. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.55% over the projected period, resulting in a total market value of $1,123,499.22 million by 2028. Home Decor has a net margin of 20%, per Step by Step Business. 

14. Charms

Average Profit Margin: 25%

Etsy features over 4 million listings for charms, with popular tags including charm, slime, and heart charms. On average, these listings receive 11,843 searches and 7,820 clicks, resulting in an average CTR of 66%. The charms listed on the site are priced at an average of $8.00, making them an affordable choice for shoppers. 

13. Pins

Average Profit Margin: 25%

While pins may seem small and insignificant, they have become a major player in Etsy’s sales. With an average price of $15.00 per pin, they are the second highest-selling item on the platform, just behind beads. These small but mighty accessories have become a hit on the site. With over 2.2 million listings and a high CTR of 87%, each pin listing receives an impressive 24,605 searches and 21,416 clicks on average. Pins have a net margin of 25%, per Ecommerce Platforms.

12. Beads

Average Profit Margin: 25%

Beads are a top-selling category on Etsy, with 8,036,493 listings available for purchase. On average, these listings receive 14,449 searches and 14,692 clicks, with an impressive CTR of 102%. The average price for bead-related products is $20.00, making this a lucrative category for sellers on the platform. Beadboat1 stood as a high-performing seller in this category, with 26,700 sales transactions achieved.

11. Collectibles/Vintage Items

Average Profit Margin: 30%

Etsy has recently launched a test feature called ‘Make an Offer’ for vintage items. With over 12 million collectibles listings on the platform, this new feature allows buyers to make an offer to sellers on select items. On average, these items receive 2,334 searches and 2,394 clicks, resulting in an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of 103%. The average price range for items on Etsy is generally $10 or higher, though prices can escalate to extremely high levels for vintage and limited edition pieces. Collectibles/vintage items have an average net margin of 30%.

10. Bags & Purses

Average Profit Margin: 40%

With an average profit margin of 40%, bags, and purses are among the best-selling items on Etsy, implying that sellers have a good chance of making a considerable profit by offering items in this category. With a wide range of remarkable handmade bags and purses available on the platform, shoppers will likely find something that suits their style and preferences, while sellers can take advantage of the high-profit margins to grow their businesses. Bags and purses net 40% in margin, according to Starter Story.

9. Baby Products

Average Profit Margin: 40%

Baby accessories are a thriving and diverse category on Etsy. As per Litextension, some baby stores have achieved over 2000 sales under this category. Numerous vendors have developed expertise in incorporating eco-friendly and natural materials, including organic cotton and bamboo, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable products. The online baby products market is projected to experience a CAGR of 5.7% between 2022 and 2030. Baby products have an average profit margin of 40%, leading them to be among the most profitable products to sell on Etsy. 

8. Mugs

Average Profit Margin: 43%

The online mug-selling business on Etsy is a highly saturated market, with almost 2,464,951 listings available to customers. Despite the competition, the average search and click numbers are quite promising. With an average of 28,097 searches and 19,924 clicks, it’s clear that people are interested in purchasing mugs online. Also, the average CTR of 71% depicts that the listings are well-optimized and appealing to potential customers. The average price of these on Etsy is also quite reasonable at $18.17, providing a range of options for different budgets. Mugs have an average profit margin of 43% according to Starter Story.

7. Candles

Average Profit Margin: 50%

Candles reign as another beloved and versatile category on Etsy. An increasing number of sellers have specialized in crafting natural candles from soy wax or beeswax, catering to buyers’ growing interest in sustainable products. The market for candles on Etsy appears to be flourishing, fueled by the ingenuity of independent sellers and consumers’ penchant for exceptional and eco-conscious goods. Candles can net as high as 50% in profit, making them one of the most profitable items to sell on Etsy.

6. T-Shirts

Average Profit Margin: 50%

Etsy offers a vast selection of t-shirts for sale, with a staggering 5,838,898 listings available at any given time. Despite the intense competition, the average search volume for t-shirts on Etsy is still impressive, with 10,394 searches per listing on average. Furthermore, the average CTR for t-shirt listings is 40%, meaning that nearly half of all visitors to a t-shirt listing will click through to view the item in more detail. With offbeat designs and quality products, selling t-shirts on Etsy can be a profitable business. The market showcases over 5 million t-shirt listings, but entrepreneurs can still carve out a 50% profit margin with an average price of $19.00. T-shirts have a net margin of 50%. 

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